Amadores Beach and the Shackles of Bathing Suits

July 21, 2013

I hate comparing things from Gran Canaria to other places in the world, but I do so to try to convey what it’s like for those who haven’t been here… 

Amadores Beach

We reached Amadores Beach after a short beautiful drive down from Puerto Rico.  Lamb and I commented that it sort of felt like the PCH/Highway 1 Drive up to Big Sur in California.  Beautiful rocky coastline!

When we arrived, I backed the car into a parking lot pointing the car downhill, just in case the car wouldn’t start again.  There is a wonderful breeze in the air that makes the weather perfectly delicious.



Amadores looks like a Caribbean or Mediterranean Beach, but….

It’s still the Atlantic, meaning it’s not a warm ocean!   Thankfully, once one jumps in and swims around, it’s not very cold at all.  Still, it’s beautiful, and unlike L.A. beaches, the water is clear.  Salty and clear.

One doesn’t just sit anywhere on the beach.  Prearranged umbrellas and lounge chairs (“hammocks”) are to be rented.  Like a restaurant (table for two, please, with two children), one sees the maître d’ and he shows you to your spot.  It’s crowded, but it works; there is room for everyone.  And we were all excited to jump in and swim around.


Lola’s Body Rash with a Surprising Solution

When we first arrived in Lakeville in 2006, poor sensitive-skin lilly-white Lola kept getting a rash when we went into the lake.  We figured she was allergic to her swim suit, but she doesn’t have the same reaction when she swims in a pool, so it’s obviously something in the lake.

Lola had a similar reaction – a horrible rash – when she swam at the beach in Amadores.  We chalked it up to her rash guard (ironic, right?) and the salt water.  So Juliet bought the girls cute little bikinis right there on the beach.


After a short time, our serious, risk-averse Lola threw caution into the wind and joined other females on the beach by discarding her bikini top!   Lola said something about it feeling good to do so, so props to her.

She still has a rash when she goes into the water, but it bothers her much less, so we’re all good.  Little shy Lola is officially European, feeling free!

Suprisingly, free-spirit Lucy is still shackled to her bikini, but she is looking cute in her turquoise frills.  And I am still shackled to my board shorts and sun shirt.

Unsurprisingly, the one day I took these things off and wore just my swim suit, I acquired a horrible burn on my back that has lasted more than 4 days now.  Lesson learned!

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